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Outboard Work skiffs
All Skiffs are Self Bailing
All skiffs come with Zincs, Bottom Paint,
Name and Hailing Port, and a low-pitch two-part Work prop sized for your Engine.
Most Boats come with Federal Documentation
F24-8 built by Myer Marine

24' Steel Hull, 8' beam Single Outboard from 150 -250hp

 Lifting eyes, integrated Knees, center console

Custom towing and pushing configurations

6x6 D-Rubber Knees and bow corner

3" D-Rubber rub rails


Detachable Bow Ladder

Tie down Padeyes, 3/8" Bow, Transom, Keel

Bottom Paint

(4) 6x12x1/2" Zincs on threaded stainless studs

These boats are the industry heavy weights

FOB Mobile Alabama                         $36,400


Data Page for F24-8
F24-9.5 built by Myer Marine
              24' Steel Hull, 9'6" Beam Twin Outboards 150-225 each

Lifting eyes, integrated Knees, center console

Custom towing and pushing configurations

6x6 D-Rubber Knees and bow corner

Tie down Padeyes, 3/8" Bow, Transom, Keels

FOB Mobile Alabama                            Coming soon

M200 Assist Boat by Myer Marine

                20' Steel Hull, Console, Motor Guard, 2 Stern zincs

Four lifting-eye/cleats, non-skid on decks

Blasted primed and painted to your colors, Forward Bitt

D-Rubber Rails, Push Knees with D-Rubber and Safety Rail

Bottom Paint

Tow Bitt aft now included

Suitable for 135 -185 Hp

     FOB Mobile Alabama                             $21,600

Data Page for M200
M250 Tiller Outboard by Myer Marine
          Same 20' Steel hull, four zincs, and rubber as the M200

          A simple rugged skiff to move people and gear in a very safe manner

          No center console, just a U-bench with fuel storage aft and raised foredeck

          3" Rubber on sides and nose, four zincs on stainless threaded studs


     FOB Mobile Alabama                             $20,600

SB18 30-40hp Tiller Outboard built by Myer Marine
The 'Safety Boat' is best described as a really nice motorized paint raft
Perfect for two crew and a couple of five gallon paint buckets
Like all my boats she is self bailing and has multiple air compartments
Unlike my other boats this must be State Registered by you
Nonskid, bottompaint, Rubber, and Zincs all included
FOB Mobile Alabama                                                $17,180
Tappan Zee 32 by Myer Marine

32' Steel Hull, Motor Guard, twin 150hp, folding bench seats

Single 73 gallon fuel tank, Lifting eyes, House seats 4

9000lb cargo capacity, incredible work platform

Includes basic Nav Lights and Electrical Panel

  FOB Mobile Alabama               $Call

                    The above design was  custom for Tappan Zee Constructors to move crew, water coolers and garbage, two Delivered
All you need to finish this skiff is Motor and Controls, Fuel Tanks, Safety Kit
which includes a suggested light kit for smaller craft
a Courtesy Inspection
and you are legal and ready to work in any State
While these skiffs are ready to work, they are good steel skiffs, and they are ready for you to customise.
They have a lot of bouyancy built in.
Give me a call to talk about any of the skiffs or your particular needs
If I don't pick up right away just leave a message, sometimes I'm working hands on
All designs represented are by Jonathan Werbel Design and are the property of Jonathan Werbel    copyright 1997-2018